Who is the Network for Dialogue?

The Network for Dialogue is a joint initiative of the Rome-based think tank Istituto Affari Internazionali and the Dutch peacebuilding organization PAX. N4D’s International Ambassadors, a network of prominent Arab, European, and American supporters of and experts on civil society in the MENA region, advise and assist it in its work. N4D’s small staff, most of whom are salaried employees of IAI or PAX, are all experts on the MENA region. They bring a broad range of functional expertise to N4D, including on peacebuilding, grassroots organizing, mediation and facilitation, civil society, social movements, political development, policy advocacy, and democratization.

Where do N4D convenings take place?

The Network for Dialogue seeks to provide safe and quiet spaces for MENA civic leaders to be able to engage in strategic dialogue. Most of these spaces are in Europe. N4D works with European universities and policy institutes to make available such platforms for dialogue.

What kind of support does N4D provide?

The Network for Dialogue is not a foundation. It provides MENA civic leaders primarily the time and space and expertise to convene strategic dialogues, rather than money. N4D identifies worthy dialogue projects, then seeks funders to help support them. N4D covers the cost of conference facilities, accommodation, airfare, local transportation and visas for participants. In certain circumstances, N4D may also consider compensating the dialogue organizer for their time. In addition, N4D is prepared to provide such technical assistance as help in structuring an effective dialogue process and advice on the mechanics of horizontal collaborations, professional facilitation and subject matter or country experts, and linking participants with counterparts from other countries who have grappled with similar challenges. 

What criteria does N4D use to select projects for support?

The Network for Dialogue evaluates projects according to whether they:

  • Bring together a broad range of stakeholders AND try to tackle an important societal or community challenge. 
  • Have a concrete objective for year one AND the organizational capability to accomplish it.
  • Have the potential should they achieve that objective to have significant impact on their community or society AND the potential for that group of people to then build on that success to do more

How is N4D funded?

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Shiraka program is a founding sponsor of the Network for Dialogue. Several other funding organizations have committed to review worthy proposals, with a view to supporting projects that match their programmatic priorities.