The Network for Dialogue is advised and assisted by a group of prominent “International Ambassadors” drawn from throughout the world. These individuals’ professional affiliations are provided below for identification purposes only.

Réseau d’ambassadeurs internationaux

Le Réseau pour le dialogue est conseillé et soutenu par un groupe important d'”ambassadeurs internationaux” provenant du monde entier.  Les affiliations professionnelles de ces personnes sont indiquées ci-dessous à des fins d’identification uniquement.

شبكة السفراء الدوليين

يتم تقديم المشورة والمساعدة لشبكة الحوار من قبل مجموعة من “السفراء الدوليين” البارزين من جميع أنحاء العالم. الانتماءات المهنية لهؤلاء الأفراد متوفرة أدناه بهدف تحديد الهوية فقط.

Hafida Benchehida
Founding Member, Mediterranean Women Mediators Network;
Member, International Civil Society Action Network’s Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership
Algiers, Algeria

Nathan J. Brown, Ph.D.
Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, George Washington University
Washington, D.C.

Scott Carpenter
Managing Director, Jigsaw
New York, New York

Youssef Cherif
Director, Columbia Global Centers |Tunis
Tunis, Tunisia

Khaled Fahmy, Ph.D.
Edward Keller Professor of North African and Middle East History, Tufts University
Medford, Massachusetts

Dr. H.A. Hellyer
Senior Associate Fellow, Royal United Services Institute;
Scholar, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
London, England

Ambassador Frederic C. Hof
Professor and Diplomat-in-Residence, Bard College
Annandale-on-Hudson, New York

Mira Al Hussein, Ph.D.
Fellow, Global Centre on Exiting Violence, Columbia University
Cambridge, England

Professor Azza Karam
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Faculty of Theology; 
President and CEO, Women’s Learning Partnership, Washington, DC and New York

Salam Kawakibi
Director, Arab Centre for Research and Political Studies
Paris, France

Heba El Kholy, Ph.D.
Independent Adviser;
Former United Nations Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative
The Hague, The Netherlands

Bassma Kodmani, Ph.D. (in memoriam)
Independent Scholar;
Member, Syrian Constitutional Committee;
Founder, Arab Reform Initiative
Paris, France

Ivan Krastev
Chairman, Centre for Liberal Strategies;
Permanent Fellow, Institute for Human Sciences (IWM)
Vienna, Austria

Haykel Ben Mahfoudh, Ph.D.
Professor of Law, Faculty of Legal, Political, and Social Sciences, University of Carthage;
Nonresident Senior Fellow, The Atlantic Council
Tunis, Tunisia

Ambassador Marc Otte
Special Envoy for Syria, Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
Vice President, European Institute of Peace;
Senior Associate Fellow, Egmont Institute
Brussels, Belgium

Her Excellency Ana Palacio
Former Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs;
Founding Partner, Palacio y Asociados
Madrid, Spain

Friar Jan Peters
President, Pax Christi Netherlands; 
Treasurer, Pax Christi International;
Former President, Netherlands Institute for the Middle East
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Regan Ralph
Founder and Former President and CEO, 
Fund for Global Human Rights
Alexandria, VA

Doug Rutzen
President and CEO, 
International Center for Not-for-Profit Law
Washington, D.C.

Wael Sawah
Executive Director, Pro-Justice; 
Editor-in-Chief, The Syrian Observer;
Columnist, Al Araby al Jadeed
San Diego, California

Nagwan Soliman, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow, Institute for Women, Peace and Security,
Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University
Washington, D.C.

Ambassador Charlotte Sparre
Director, Swedish Dialogue Institute for the Middle East and North Africa
Stockholm, Sweden

Nathalie Tocci, Ph.D.
Director, Istituto Affari Internazionali
Rome, Italy

Liv Tørres, Ph.D.
International Secretary, Norwegian Confederation of Labor (LO-Norway)
Oslo, Norway

Ivan Vejvoda
Permanent Fellow and Head, Europe’s Futures Project, Institute for Human Sciences (IWM)
Vienna, Austria

Management Team 

Stephen R. Grand, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Atlanta, Georgia

Silvia Colombo, Ph.D.
Associate Fellow, Africa, Mediterranean and Middle East Programme
Istituto Affari Internazionali
Rome, Italy

Marjolein Wijninckx
Iraq Country Lead
PAX for Peace
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Francesca Caruso
Independent Consultant on Peace & Security and Conflict Mediation
Rome, Italy